The Eyes of Ara

The Eyes of Ara is an immersive, fully 3D Puzzle-Based Adventure game, inspired by genre classics like Myst and modern exploration-based storytelling like Tomb Raider. A game full of devious puzzles and countless hidden secrets!”

This game caught my attention for a number of reasons. First I always have a soft spot for Australians (for obvious reasons) and The Eyes of Ara is produced by 100 Stones Interactive, an Australian creator based in Brisbane. The second is the beautiful cinematography in the kickstarter trailer. It is always important for a campaign to capture the mind of a potential backer but it is also equally important to capture their imagination. The Eyes of Ara does this perfectly. The design lends itself to dynamic locations, striking interiors with warm lighting and an overall style that complements the storytelling. The third and most important reason this game drew my attention is the story. Solving puzzles, collecting items and exploring d35d1a42946a5772ec36a48902e45dbf_originalan old, abandoned castle are all things I enjoy as well as the personal satisfaction of discovering everything, uncovering all the secrets the game and environment has to offer. Another feature of this kickstarter campaign that I found myself drawn to was the effort the creator had put into the ‘about this project’. With over 2000 words detailing the story, the mechanics, the technology, the campaign itself and its goals, dozens of pictures and videos depicting the world and design of the game, viewers and backers become more invested in this campaign than others that haven’t put that amount of time and effort in and because of this I would (and did) support the project.


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