The Impossible Quiz

When looking for a game to review I began rummaging through the recesses of my memories past the multitude of crappy online flash games I played in high school until I stumbled across a gem. The hilariously infuriating Impossible Quiz by Splapp-Me-Do kept my art class entertained for hours when we were supposed to be on Photoshop. In my prime I could whip through the questions in minutes, challenging anyone else to try and beat my time. When starting this review I thought it best to go back and give myself a refresher courThe_impossible_quiz_title_bigger_by_super_eistee_74-d7349cise and let me tell you, muscle memory is a beautiful thing. After just one try I was hooked and spent the next two hours desperately trying to beat the game in progressively less time. For those who know their general knowledge and enjoy winning quizzes and trivia, you should know this is not the game for you.

Not only does this not require general knowledge, but it requires an intelligence of another kind. The questioned asked are not on sport, politics, history, geography, or anything to do with popular culture but bind benders that are infinitely more entertaining. The Impossible Quiz is a fast multiple choice game that encourages players to think outside of the box, way, way outside of the box. It is strangely addictive and makes you want to beat it for the sheer satisfaction of running around with your hands in the air yelling “I WIN! I WIN! I WIN!” Childish, yes but true. I highly recommend this game to all whose lives were not shaped by this game and I encourage all whose were to replay if for no other reason than pure nostalgia. The questions along with the sound effects make for many hours of frustratingly good fun.


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