I know it’s been a while . . . a long while but trust me you haven’t missed a thing. I find myself in yet another university subject that requires me to pour my soul (or at least my intellectual musings) into my computer in order to broaden the scope of my online presence. The next string of posts will focus around Digital Networks and my ideas and opinions on my final research project and I am open to your thoughts and feedback. Now that’s done I’ll leave you with an inspirational quote curtesy of Oscar Wilde – “True friends stab you in the front”

You’re welcome



Alex Tickner. 18. Studying a double degree of Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies and Bachelor of Arts at Wollongong University. Pretty standard stuff. I live in the shire so I have had a relatively sheltered upbringing (according to most) but I am eager to learn and always looking for a challenge. I plan on majoring in International Media and Communication for my BCMS and history for my Art degree while minoring in english and war and society. So I have an exciting four and a half years ahead of me!

My goal in life is to graduate Uni, find a husband (preferably rich), have at least three children (ouch), move as far away form the Shire as possible (just kidding mum) and become a museum curator. Yes, you read that right. The idea first occurred to me while on a family holiday in New York. Young and impressionable, I was stumbling through the hundreds of displays featuring animals, ancient artefacts, and slightly creepy, emotionless mannequins. I was eyeing off a particularly menacing grizzly bear when I realised that someone had to have researched, designed and arranged this environment before me. Being the lover of history that I am why couldn’t that person be me (unrealistic I know, but then again I’ve never been one to settle)?

This blog will mainly be used or the purposes of my BCM110 and BCM112 subjects but occasionally I may just need to vent or rant or merely crave the appreciation of adoring fans (HA, I wish) so stay tuned. The 250 or so words above are really everything of interest worth knowing about me but just incase feel free to follow me on twitter (be warned that I am an extremely boring individual) @Lex933. On that note I will leave you with the infamous words of one Buzz Lightyear-“to infinity and beyond!”