DIGC202 – Week 4 Liquid labour


But it’s only 9-5, right? Right?! WRONG! Along with the many, many advantaged of being constantly connected to many devices all floating around in this wonderful, mysterious goo we call the World Wide Web, also comes the concept of liquid labour. Traditionally worker bees bumbled along to the rhythm of the machine hum, fast forward a hundred years or so and that hum has escalated to a piercing shriek that you just can’t quite get rid of.


The flow of information that was once a novelty has become a commodity and a rather desired one at that. What’s the most important factor in any capitalist society? All together now kids: Money. Profit drives the flow of information (free or otherwise) and the flow of information drives the flow of labour needed to match it. Young professionals (Bah who are we kidding?!) are judged on their skills, diligence, competence and availability. Work hours are no longer rigid and dependable but never-ending and demanding.



DIGC202 – Week 3 Network Society Paradigm


I’ll preface this by saying that I am a huge fan of Wikipedia and it is both an extremely overrated and underrated resource simultaneously.


Aaaaaaanyway … In this age we are existing in, technology basically dictates all aspects of everyday life. What was once considered intangible is becoming tangible, fantasy blends with reality.


With so much of our lives controlled by and dependent on devices the most important things about them is the speed at which they receive and deliver information and the level of control we have over them. The scale of the information hub handling all of this information directly correlates to how effectively it operates and the speed at which it can process and transport data. When the system is working fine, the whole world is working fine. When it’s not…


DIGC202 – Week 2 Global Nervous System



Current technological generations may not know exactly what they want but they sure know when they want it. The emergence of immediate communication has allowed people of every age, gender, race, religion, cartoon preference to reach across time and space to converse with whoever they desire. To quote our lord and saviour Albus Dumbledore; “words are our most inexhaustible source of magic.” Language is what makes us human, the ability to manifest our thoughts in a verbal form and communicate this to others distinguishes us from the rest of the animal kingdom.


The idea of real time communication was revolutionary and inspired an explosion of technology and ideas that have not only improved our way of life (on a personal and societal level) but has shaped the political, social and economic landscape unequivocally and forever. But as with most things instant connectivity comes with ramifications both glorious and tragic.


Nuff said.