The three blog posts I have chosen to be incorporated into my reflective post are Misogyny Online, The Net Knows More Than You Do, and Nerds, What Can’t They Do?! These three best reflect my personal understanding and perspective of convergent media practices. Throughout the subject and my time as a blogger, I have come to appreciate the many differing media platforms and the advantages and limitations of each. Blogging has taught me control over my language and the need for concise writing while tweeting has allowed me to participate on a global scale; finding, following, collecting and sharing information with my peers and others on a broader scale.

I chose these blog posts specifically because I feel it is my best effort at presenting my analysis of the lectures and readings due to the fact that they were the ideas that I most affiliated with and found most enjoyable. The notion of misogyny still playing a large role in the lives on women online today, shocked and appalled me, propelling me to take quiet a strong opinion on the matter. Ordinarily I am not an extreme feminist, however, when it comes to equality in the 21st century my views are rigid and unyielding which I feel was why I identified with the lecture and what caused me to take extra time and effort into the blog.

As a member of the technology generation I am quite intrigued by the notion of citizen journalism and social networking sites. Almost ingrained into my daily life Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress and a multitude of other platforms exist purely by the people for the people. This empowering idea that has guided humanity into the modern era, captured my interest and spurred me to dig deeper into the issue and carefully craft my language as to present my understanding of a collective media eloquently and effectively.

The image of nerds, over the past few decades, has shifted dramatically to the point where they are now respected even idolised members of society. Representations of the quintessential nerd can be found in a variety of media platforms; TV shows, movies, games, books, online, and most notably celebrities labelling themselves as nerds.  The fact that ‘nerds’ are exploding across all aspects of life makes them a significant part of society; one that is so familiar to the younger generations. Being part of this ‘nerd reformation,’ I myself enjoy the ‘coolness’ of nerds being recognised and accepted, which required my utmost attention in the ideas and perspective depicted in the blog.


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