The Net Knows More Than You Do

The idea of citizen journalism comes as part of a broader ecosphere. Along with digital creatives, social media, and mainstream media the purpose fueling the constant fluctuation in technologies and media platform is the desire to generate new opportunities to create, to socialize, to explore and share, and to participate as citizens our culture.

Henry Jenkins classifies citizen journalism or civic media as the use of any technology for the purpose of increasing civic engagement and public participation. It enables the exchange of meaningful information, fostering social connectivity, constructing critical perspectives, insuring transparency and accountability, or strengthening citizen agency.

Citizen journalism also encompasses many types of convergence, including local and global. The local forms of media convergence comprise of technological convergence, which is the move to digitalisation and media delivery platforms, economic convergence, which allows media conglomerates to seek leverage content and profits through platform synergies, and social convergence, which enables individual multitasking and multichannel reception. Then there is international media convergence; cultural convergence giving the people the tools to achieve, innovate, appropriate, and recirculate content, and global convergence encouraging the cultural hybridity of world music, world cinema, and other transcultural movements.

With the introduction of hundreds of social networking sites online including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook the general public are connected in an entirely new way increasing the flow, speed, and extent of information. The elements of civic media are about social interaction, curation, protest, entertainment, marketing that are becoming more and more popular as the number one source of news. Although journalism is still relevant, it has needed to adapt to the changing platforms in order to stay alive in the modern, social community.

The combination of Blogs, participatory culture, and citizen journalism can have a heavy impact and major influence on news reports and mainstream media in the case of Trent Lott. Citizen journalism has the power to take an inappropriate comment and whirlwind it into a major scandal resulting in the former Untied State Senator resigning and becoming a Washington-based lobbyist. That is the power of the people at work.


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