Board Game Renaissance

So how does one make the best use of a three hour time period? I’m so glad you asked. The answer is simple. Board games. In this technological age where, toddlers are playing on tablets, and children are replacing pen and paper for a keyboard it’s nice to see that some things never change. That’s right, the board game renaissance is upon us. But what is it about rolling die and moving a piece of plastic around a cardboard cut out that is so entertaining to both adults and children alike? It’s inspiring to see that in a time of smartphones and social media, people showing an appreciation for the physical. These tabletop masterpieces provide an analogue antidote to an increasingly digital world.

King of TokyoCamel UpThere are two games I want to talk about specifically, and let me make it abundantly clear, I had never even heard of these games ( for shame ) before, let alone played them, so bare with me. The first is King of Tokyo, which for a game of this name, no one really wants to be in Tokyo, because Tokyo = pain. Being dealt damage every turn and not being able to heal – ouch! But alas being in Tokyo is how you earn victory points and gaining victory points is how you win the game. It was a relatively fast paced game that, when people started throwing claws (attack points) around got chaotic… in the best way. King of Tokyo is a strategic game with many paths to victory that players can choose and they all lead to Tokyo.

The second game is Camel Cup, or is it Camel Up? Regardless this game was an unlikely treasure trove that exceed every expectation I had, combining rolling dice (or placing them), moving pieces (or stacking them), and betting (yep betting). The goal of the game is to earn the most money from betting on which camel is going to win the race (Came Cup then, obviously), but the twist is when camels land on the same space they are placed on top of one another (so it’s Camel Up… obviously) with the one on top in the lead. This game, once you understood what was going on, is 30 mins well spent and keeps you guessing til the very end.




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