Giving the people a voice

The issue of abortion is reasonably universal and is extremely controversial so it is no surprise that it has sparked discussions throughout social networking sites. Individuals supporting the legalisation of abortion argue that the developing fetus lacks moral status while those opposing this view content that the unborn child possesses a moral status exactly because it is a human being. However it is generally accepted among abortion rights advocates, with our contemporary knowledge of growing fetuses, to draw the line at the moment of birth.

For my BCM110 issue I have highlighted this already sensitive subject to focus on after-birth abortions and how this is presented in the media.

Online blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Podcasts have all played a major role in facilitating the general public in voicing their opinions and concerns and distributing them worldwide. In opposition to some academics who view post-birth abortion only marginally (if at all) different to pre-birth abortion, including Anthony Ozimic from the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children who says “there is no difference in moral status between a child one day before birth and a child one day after birth,” everyday citizens see after-birth abortion as equivalent to murder.

Twitter is bursting at the seams to accommodate the amount of people frantically trying to get their voice heard with hash tags such as #abortion, #ProLife, and #personhood being created to collectively argue against after-birth abortions. Many YouTube videos have surfaced from across the globe in the form of News programs (like this one) and personal beliefs that can be accessed, liked and commented on by anyone, anywhere, anytime, giving the general public a powerful, collective voice.


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