Good old Ideologies

This weeks BCM112 lecture delved into the battle the ideologies of media technologies including locked appliances that offer controlled, limited communication and generative platforms that provide choice and freedom.

The transformation of technologies is easily traced over time from the first telephone, the first PC, the first mobile phone, the first 3G mobile, and the first iphone (which I cannot believe was released in 2007). Technology has drastically progressed beyond the point of ubiquitous creativity with access to the Internet anytime, anywhere, for any reason. Interestingly (I think), higher developed countries with access to cables have a lower percentage of Internet usage on mobile phones than that of lower developed countries. Then again, it seems as if every time I turn around more and more businesses have a free Wi-Fi connection.

The most notable rivalry between locked and open appliances has been waged between Apple and Android (or Google for those of you who don’t know). Apple on the one hand creates and maintains control by allowing access to software only via a walled garden of apps (The app store) all of which are approved by Apple. This centalised system generates complete control over platform, content and user. Android on the other hand, encompasses the open handset alliance with an open garden of apps (The Android market) establishing no control over platform, content and user. So which is better: freedom and choice or stability and control?


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