Alex Tickner. 18. Studying a double degree of Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies and Bachelor of Arts at Wollongong University. Pretty standard stuff. I live in the shire so I have had a relatively sheltered upbringing (according to most) but I am eager to learn and always looking for a challenge. I plan on majoring in International Media and Communication for my BCMS and history for my Art degree while minoring in english and war and society. So I have an exciting four and a half years ahead of me!

My goal in life is to graduate Uni, find a husband (preferably rich), have at least three children (ouch), move as far away form the Shire as possible (just kidding mum) and become a museum curator. Yes, you read that right. The idea first occurred to me while on a family holiday in New York. Young and impressionable, I was stumbling through the hundreds of displays featuring animals, ancient artefacts, and slightly creepy, emotionless mannequins. I was eyeing off a particularly menacing grizzly bear when I realised that someone had to have researched, designed and arranged this environment before me. Being the lover of history that I am why couldn’t that person be me (unrealistic I know, but then again I’ve never been one to settle)?

This blog will mainly be used or the purposes of my BCM110 and BCM112 subjects but occasionally I may just need to vent or rant or merely crave the appreciation of adoring fans (HA, I wish) so stay tuned. The 250 or so words above are really everything of interest worth knowing about me but just incase feel free to follow me on twitter (be warned that I am an extremely boring individual) @Lex933. On that note I will leave you with the infamous words of one Buzz Lightyear-“to infinity and beyond!”


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