For better or for worse


So for my BCM112 assignment I have chosen to focus on the Sony Playstation 4 A.K.A PS4. Yes I am aware that it is a gaming console and yes I am aware that I am female (for all of you questioning my intelligence) and while I myself can appreciate barbies, rainbows and unicorns I am also an ardent gamer. For those who have a problem accepting that or for those who prefer the xbox I’d advise you stop here or drastically alter your perspective(preferably).

Although no release date has been confirmed it is generally accepted to be pegged at late 2012 however PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan has labelled it “undesirable” to release it before or alongside the next-gen Microsoft xbox 720 console. In any case many enthusiastic fans are anxious to share all the newest spoilers and sneak peeks regarding the future Playstation, drowning me with information that I will (undoubtedly) be sharing with you in weeks to come.

This weeks lecture literally blew my mind, I mean everyone knows ( or at least they think they do) the ever expanding black hole that is the world wide web but when you really stop to think about the millions of pages, people and genuinely useless facts out there it does your head in. It took me at least a week (perhaps longer) to grow comfortable with the idea that I was going to have to start a blog. That my private thoughts were going to be out there for all (very optimistic) to see, read and judge. And possible the only reason I have is because it goes towards 40% of my subject mark. So here we have it. . .

Media platforms are constantly changing and evolving enabling us (the keen bloggers that we are) to not only access the gold mine that is the internet but to contribute to it, to etch our name into history. Emerging media platforms transform the conventional role of the audience from passive (recievers) to active (consumers) demonstrated most notably by Gary Brolsma (LEGEND!) and his rendition of “The Numa Numa Song!”

Wow. . . Just wow


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